FAQ – About the SCA

Who are these people in the funny clothes, you ask?

Welcome to the Modern Middle Ages of the Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) recreates the best of the medieval atmosphere, times and culture. Kingdoms with Kings, Queens, Princes, Dukes, Countesses and Barons; Knights and warriors competing on the field; artisans creating works of art, and grand feasts and revels. The SCA offers something for everyone!

Where and what is a Kingdom and what other groups exist in the SCA?

The SCA has 20 Kingdoms spread across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. A Kingdom is a very large group of SCA members (that is members who are paying yearly dues to the SCA, inc.) being ruled by a King and Queen. The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann covers Arkansas (except Fayetteville), Louisiana, Mississippi and the Memphis, Tennessee area.

The Little Rock area is the Barony of Small Gray Bear. A Barony is a large group, but smaller than a Kingdom. We cover Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas.

There are also Provinces and Shires within the SCA. A Province or Shire is a separate group with a Kingdom that is smaller than a Barony, but has enough members to support it’s self. There is one Province and several shires in Arkansas. They are Province of Lagerdamm (Conway), and Shires of Smythkepe (Fort Smith), Coille Fhionnabhann (Searcy), and Pilgrims Fount (Hot Springs).

Who are the people in the crowns?

We have several different types of royalty in Gleann Abhann. We have a King and Queen, titled your Majesty, who rule for about six months. A Prince and Princess, titled your Royal Highness, who will be the next King and Queen. Our Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses are chosen in a tournament where the victors are recognized to become the next set of leading royalty.

Are there other types of Royalty?

Landed Barons and Baronesses, titled your Excellency, rule over a Barony for the King and Queen. Dukes and Duchesses, titled your Grace, are those that have been King or Queen at least two times. Earls, Jarls, Counts and Countesses, titled your Excellency, are those that have been King or Queen one time. Viscount and Viscountess for those that have ruled a Principality at least one time, titled your Excellency. One becomes a Duke, Count, or Viscount by winning a tournament held to select the next Prince and Princess of the Kingdom or Principality, then completing their reign as either King and Queen or Prince and Princess. Court Barons and Baronesses, titled your Excellency, are those that have been recognized by the King and Queen for their service and actions.

What types of fighting are in the SCA?

We have two separate fighting styles in the SCA, “heavy” fighting and “light” fighting. Heavy fighting is the most visible aspect of the SCA. Knights, squires, and men (and women)-at-arms take to the field to compete in tournaments, battles and wars. Our “light fighters” compete in rapier fighting. It is a cross between modern fencing and the swashbuckling style of the musketeers. Above all we believe in safety and follow a strict set of guidelines for our armor and fighting.

What else is there other than fighting?

We have artisans skilled in making clothing, leatherwork, lace, food, and much more. The Medieval garments, decorations, and feasts complete the atmosphere at an SCA event. Also, one can enjoy a Revel or a Ball. A ball is where we gather for dancing, music and excellent desserts. A revel is more like a modern party, with storytelling, singing and merriment for all.

How does one get involved in the SCA?

Feel free to contact any of our officers. In addition, check out the SCA Homepage, or the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann Homepage. Finally, join us at the fighter practice at Kanis Park in Little Rock on Sunday afternoon and start asking questions of the people in armor! We hope to see you there.

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