• Congratulations to Baron Axel Ulfgarsson and Baroness Jacquette d’Anjou Hatun our newly invested Baron and Baroness of Small Gray Bear. Huzzah!
    The incoming Baronage, in concert with the outgoing Baronage, have announced a set of initiatives upon which they will focus going forward with the Barony. Please look at this list and see where you can assist.
  • * Replinish Loaner Garb – coordination has already been made with the Chatelaine and A&S Officer on this. If you have cloth you would like to donate please peruse your cloth stores.
  • * Research College group at UALR
  • * Repair benches at Gulf Wars site
  • * Build permanent shower house at Gulf Wars site in the Baronial camping spot – A successful fundraising effort was had at Mid Summer Knights’ Dream to raise funds for the repair at the Baronial site at Kings Arrow Ranch for Gulf Wars. If you would like to volunteer to hold a fundraiser, or have ideas for such, please contact Her Excellency to discuss this.
    • Thank you to Baron Archer and Baroness Fronicka for their service to the Barony of Small Gray Bear. Congratulations becoming Baron and Baroness of the their Majesties court.

    • Lord Svarn Holysson (Alex Kassouf) has been approved by the Earl Marshal to become the Barony’s new warranted Knight’s Marshal. Congratulations!

  • Demo at Museum of Discovery – A fun time was had by all at the Museum of Discovery. The Barony assisted with a GoT themed Science After Dark. Peek here for photos of the activities.

  • Fighter Practice –
      The Seneschal has graciously offered to bring ice cream to an upcoming fighter practice. Show up for fighter practice to participate.