Please welcome our new Arts and Sciences Minister, Dame Myra of the Glen. Thank you for stepping up to fill this vital position!

Time to vote for the Baronage candidate of your choice has ended. Thank you to Master Addison for his assistance in attending the meet and greet and gathering ballots.



Thank you for your service to the Barony, Your Royal Highnesses, and congratulations on your achievement of wining the Spring Crown List for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann!!

With the blessing and approval of the Crown, Sir Martin von Augsburg is stepping up to serve as the Barony’s Vicar until the transition to our newly elected Baron/Baroness at Diamond Wars, Labor Day weekend September 2 – 5.

With approval of the Crown, the Seneschal has announced the candidates for Baron/Baroness, or Baroness.

Master Giacomo and THL Ellis Ingean Claudgh

Baroness Dia Ramberti

Please review the polling process and the upcoming dates noted in the below paragraph. The Don’t Miss This Meeting will be held June 5th, which will be the opening of the polling.

There’s a few, very important, coming events for the Barony. Polling for new Baron and Baroness, and Diamond Wars. Please make note of the upcoming dates as to the polling, they are on the calendar and on the information page for . Please visit the handy dandy information page as to the polling. Polling (that’s our chance to vote) opens June 12, 2022, the same date as the meet the candidates. If you intend to send a proxy to vote in your stead (the actual voting date is still TBA) please notify the Vicar immediately. If you plan to vote via mailing in your ballot, please email the Vicar.

Diamond Wars will be held Sept 2-5th, 2022 at Castrum 300 Valley Dr, Lafe, AR 72436. More information coming soon.

Ongoing focus going forward with the Barony. Please review this list and see where you can assist.

  • * Toirdhealbach talked to the Barony about cut and thrust rapier gear. More on that soon.
  • * Research College group at UALR
  • * Repair benches at Gulf Wars site – This has been accomplished. Thank you to Baron Axel and Baroness Jacquett for using their weekend to effect these repairs!
  • * Build permanent shower house at the Baronial camping spot at Kings Arrow Ranch for Gulf Wars – This is accomplished. Thank you to Their Excellencies Axel and and Jac, and everyone else who helped and contributed.