Welcome back from the plague!

There’s a few, very important, items of business coming up. Polling for new Baron and Baroness, and Diamond Wars. There are some upcoming and very important dates as to the polling. Please visit the handy dandy information page as to the polling. The most important upcoming deadline is all Letters of Intent (if you want to toss your hat in the ring) to state your intent to be considered as our new Baron/Baroness are due May 20.

Diamond Wars will be held Sept 2-5th, 2022 at Castrum 300 Valley Dr, Lafe, AR 72436. More information coming soon.

The Province of Lagerdamm is hosting Spring Populous in the Park on June 15, 2022 beginning at 11:00 am and ending whenever we all drop from exhaustion, merriment, and shenanigans. All are invited. Location is Laurel Park; 2315 Robinson Ave, Conway, AR 72034-4944 (behind the pavilion which is behind the parking lot). Banners and pageantry are the order of the day as well as any Arts and Sciences you would like to work on and share. Lagerdamm, along with our esteemed guests, the Shire of Smythekeep, will host our tournaments to determine our group champions for the upcoming Tournament of Champions! This will be a fun time to see friends, potential friends, and watch excellent fighting on the field of honor.

**Business Meeting Business meetings are now the Conclave and are being held in conjunction with Fighter Practice/A&S on Sunday afternoons, 1:00PM at Kanis Park in Little Rock. The next one coming up is Sunday June 5, please pencil it in. The populace is urged to attend, bring whatever A&S project you’re working on, suit up for smacking each other with heavy sticks (Heavy), and/or pointy swords (Rapier). If you don’t do any of that, bring your lawn chair and just come join us and chat.

Ongoing focus going forward with the Barony. Please review this list and see where you can assist.

  • * Toirdhealbach talked to the Barony about cut and thrust rapier gear. More on that soon.
  • * Research College group at UALR
  • * Repair benches at Gulf Wars site – This has been accomplished. Thank you to Baron Axel and Baroness Jacquett for using their weekend to effect these repairs!
  • * Build permanent shower house at the Baronial camping spot at Kings Arrow Ranch for Gulf Wars – This is accomplished. Thank you to Their Excellencies Axel and and Jac, and everyone else who helped and contributed.