Kingdom A/S

September 23-25th in Camp Formosa.
More information coming soon!!
Looking for people to assist please contact the Seneschal for more information.


We’re back in our post-plague meeting spot!

The Barony has a regular meeting space at St. Vincent Infirmary in the North Auditorium at 5pm every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month starting June 4, 2023.
The 1st will be for regular business meetings and the 3rd will be for event meetings….. unless circumstances prevent us from meeting on the 1st and then both meetings will be on the 3rd Sunday.


The Seneschal invites those who would like to plan a Baronial event to submit bids. You can email those to her.

Ongoing focus going forward with the Barony. Please review this list and see where you can assist.

  • * Toirdhealbach talked to the Barony about cut and thrust rapier gear. More on that soon.
  • * Research College group at UALR
  • * Repair benches at Gulf Wars site – This has been accomplished. Thank you to Jarl Axel and Jacquett Hatun for using their weekend to effect these repairs!
  • * Build permanent shower house at the Baronial camping spot at Kings Arrow Ranch for Gulf Wars – This is accomplished. Thank you to Jarl Axel and and Jacquett Hatun, and everyone else who helped and contributed.