A work day is scheduled at Kings Arrow Ranch to clean up and repair the Barony’s permanent structure at our Gulf Wars campsite for February 14 – 16. Contact Baroness Jac if you wish to participate.

Congratulations to our new Barional Warlord and newly minted Honorable Lord  Svarn Holysson, and Stefan the Generous as our new Baronial Defender, and the Honorable Lord Brock MacLachlan as the Baronial Bard! These three gentiles earned their positions at this years Barbearian Brawl.

Congratulations to our very own Lady Katherine Hans Lauerin for being chosen as the Kingdom Bard! Her song of a warrior’s trials on the shield wall was stirring and bold!

Congratulations to LHL Giacomo Fornerigo (Billy Ginocchio) on his announcement for elevation to the Order of the Laurel. His elevation will be held at Gulf Wars. More details to follow.

Thank you to Baron Soni for stepping up as our Baronial Seneschal, and Elizabeth as his deputy.
Thank you THL Mebh for your service to the Barony as Sensechal the past two years.

BRObearian Brawl was a smashing, brotastic, success with lots of shenanigans.
Thank you to Baroness Sara and everyone who chipped into make this a grand event. Net stop is Diamond Wars the first weekend in May!

Registration for Gulf Wars XXIX is now open. Gulf Wars will be held March 14 – March 21 at Kings Arrow Ranch. If you are planning to camp with the Barony (we would love to have you) please notify His Excellency Baron Axel. We have a meal plan if you like to participate. There is a social media group with more information.

The Barony will be responsible for furnishing deserts to be served at the Gleann Abhann Social on Tuesday night. Be thinking now about what you can contribute!

The annual Gulf Wars Small Gray Bear/Grey Niche potluck has been postponed this year. Instead the Barony will have an eat and greet and then invade Midnight Madness on Merchant’s Row.

Ongoing focus going forward with the Barony. Please review this list and see where you can assist.

  • * Replinish Loaner Garb – our A&S Stuff nights are focusing on this. Thank you to those who have contributed and sewed.  If you have cloth you would like to donate please peruse your cloth stores.
  • * Research College group at UALR
  • * Repair benches at Gulf Wars site – This has been accomplished. Thank you to Baron Axel and Baroness Jacquett for using their weekend to effect these repairs!
  • * Build permanent shower house at the Baronial camping spot at Kings Arrow Ranch for Gulf Wars – So far $350 has been raised towards this. Two successful fundraisers have been held at Brobearian Brawl and Mid Summer Knights’ Dream. If you would like to volunteer to hold a fundraiser, or have ideas for such, please contact Her Excellency to discuss this.