CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENTS – In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, as of March 16, 2020, the following actions are being taken. These are being taken after consultation with the Baronage and other Baronial officers.

  • *The Baronial Business Meeting will not be held at the hospital. Meetings will be held (as it was tonight) via the internet.
  • * Diamond Wars is being postponed to a later date
  • * Fighter Practice and Stuff Night (Weekly A&S) will not take place until further notice.

Our next business meeting will be Sunday April 5. It will be broadcast over an internet medium to be announced soon.

The Baronage and Seneschal have informed the populace, during this time of social distancing, if you need help be it someone to talk to or filling a need, please contact their Excellencies and/or Baron Soni. The Barony stands ready to aid the populace if we can.

8 weeks – 8 challenges Their Royal Majesties and Royal Highness have announced a series of challenges over the next eight weeks to aid the Kingdom in this time of need to support, challenge and bring us together. A new challenge will be published on the Kingdom FB page every Monday. The first challenge begins tomorrow, Monday March 23, 2020. The very spiffy trailer can be found here.

Coronation will be held virtually this weekend (Saturday April 4) due to the current health precautions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulations to our Barony members whom the Crown honored at their most recent virtual Court.
Kara fasthalda was awarded a Grant of Arms
Isobel de Gray was awarded a Grant of Arms
Isobel de Gray was inducted into the Order of the Silver Lamp
Sir John the bellringer was inducted into the Order of the Marble Chalice

Any Barony members who wish to make cloth face masks for our health care workers, Lady Illonca (sp?) would be glad to pick them up from you.

Ongoing focus going forward with the Barony. Please review this list and see where you can assist.

  • * Replinish Loaner Garb – our A&S Stuff nights are focusing on this. Thank you to those who have contributed and sewed.  If you have cloth you would like to donate please peruse your cloth stores.
  • * Research College group at UALR
  • * Repair benches at Gulf Wars site – This has been accomplished. Thank you to Baron Axel and Baroness Jacquett for using their weekend to effect these repairs!
  • * Build permanent shower house at the Baronial camping spot at Kings Arrow Ranch for Gulf Wars – So far $350 has been raised towards this. Two successful fundraisers have been held at Brobearian Brawl and Mid Summer Knights’ Dream.  Work on the shower house was started before Gulf Wars this year. If you would like to volunteer to hold a fundraiser, or have ideas for such, please contact Her Excellency to discuss this.