(Ceremonial Group Leader)

baronet-largeSir Martin of Augsburg, Vicar of the Barony of Small Gray Bear
Email: vicar @


Seneschalate (Local Group Head)
seneschal-largeThe Honorable Lady  Eilis ingean Clauidgh (MKA Elizabeth Scott)
Email: seneschal @


Herald (Officer in charge of Names and Coats-of-Arms)
  Maestro Giacomo Fornerigo, OL (MKA Billy Ginocchio) 
Email: herald @


Reeve (Treasurer)
exchecquer-largeThe Honorable Lady Elizabeth Lee (MKA Elizabeth Lee)
Email :reeve @


Knight’s Marshall (Officer for Heavy Armed Combat)
marshall-largeLord Svarn Holysson (MKA Alex Kassouf)
Email :marshal @


Rapier Marshall (Officer for Rapier Combat)
marshal-rapier Sir Axel Ulfgarsson (MKA Alex Hooper)
Email: rapier @


Live Weapons Marshall (Officer for Archery and Thrown Weapons)
Archery Marshal BadgeNekoyama Chidori (MKA Lisa Culbreath)
Email: archery @


A&S Minister (Officer for Arts, Crafts, and Sciences)
ans-largeDame Myra of the Glen
Email: ans @


Chronicler (Officer for the Newsletter)
chronicler-largeThe Honorable Lady Eilis ingean Clauidgh (MKA Elizabeth Scott)
Email: chronicler @


Historian (Group Secretary)
historian-largeThe Honorable Lady Eilis ingean Clauidgh (MKA Elizabeth Scott)
Email: historian @


Chatelaine (Officer for Newcomers)
chatelaine-large The Honorable Lady Isobel de Gray (MKA Rachel Spencer)
Email: chatelaine


Email: constable @


Webminister (Maintains this Website)
webminister-largeThe Honorable Lady Kara fasthalda (MKA Cara Smith)