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  1. Filip Johnson

    HI! I’ve always been curious about getting involved in the SCA and think it is about time that happened. I just moved to Hot Springs so was hoping to find out more about local/regional events. Also, if there are any vendor opportunities, I would be very interested in that and potentially teaching classes on leatherworking.

  2. Patrick

    i have a friend who does fencing with a rapier and he says that you also have heavy weapons fencing with weapons like great swords and other large weapons i have a wooden great sword taht is 5’6″ pommel to tip and i am looking to join and want to know what all is required to join

    • Laura

      YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Please oh plasee oh plasee YES!We all love the old ways, but that doesn’t mean that as a modern organization, we shouldn’t make full use of the modern tools available to us that make it easier for people to participate.

  3. Tripti

    Good Afternoon:I am from the Niagara Peninsula Needle Arts Guild and would like to know more information about your cosutming and needlework activities. We are looking for speakers, demonstrations of needlework we currently do not do, workshops etc.My friend had led several SCA needlework workshops in Eastern Ontario so I was wondering about your local group. Conversely, if any of your members would like to visit our group, and learn about the many kinds needlework we do they are more than welcome. Please use the contact information, as out website is still in development.Personally I reenact in 1812 and work in 1867 specializing in open hearth cooking, quilting and needlework. Thank youm Nancy

  4. Melouca

    Regardless of the method, hinvag the ability to run cards or accept virtual payment at event doors would be fantastic. A lot of us young people don’t usually carry checks, and have to remember to bring one especially for events. If we could use virtual payment I know I would be able to impulse buy more things at events to support my shire/kingdom.


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