Populace Meeting – February 23, 2020

The monthly Baronial Populace meeting was held February 23, 2019 at the auditorium on the St. Vincents campus.

Seneschal’s minutes
1. Next meeting will be March 8th 2020 – Please consider attending
2. Deputies needed including myself. Don’t be afraid to help the Barony.
3. Several offices need immediate filling.
4. Our meetings are open to the populace. Take the time to invite others to our meetings.
5. Officers – In the future, when you make reports please copy to
instead of the individual email

Officer Reports:
Exchequer: Deposit to Couchdale for Diamond Wars made. Looking for Quartermaster (in charge of inventory of storage unit). Not Present at meeting.

Knight Marshall: Fighter practice is currently held on Thursday nights at the War Memorial Tennis Courts and Sunday afternoons at Kanis Park – Marshall unavailable this meeting. – Armor repairs made to loaner gear.

Rapier Marshal: Same nights as Fighter Practice – Currently an Open Position.

A&S: Currently at 7 pm on Tuesday nights @ 5310 Word St, Bauxite, AR 72011, A&S Officer report – – Katherine Hans Lauerin) -. Contact Phree if you’d like to teach a class or participate in activities. Good attendance at Stuff Nite. Been working on edging, scrolls, patterns, fighter pouches. Her Majesty will be present at Stuff Night on 2/25 to work on another Gulf Wars project as well.

Herald: Ginocchio has offered to step up as deputy and they will begin transition to make him officer. Not present.

Chronicler / Historian: Currently being held by the same person. Replacement and/or deputies needed soon. Reports will be up to date this week. Meeting Notes will also be updated on the Facebook page this week. THL Browinn has graciously stepped up to be my deputy Historian.

Awards at Fighter’s Collegium:
Gwenyth Vach- Onyx Chalice
Anya de Mobric- Gules Quill
Kaus Eisenhand- Jeweled Ring
Sara de la Petra- Order of the Pelican (announced, to be elevated soon) Baron Soni- Diamond Chalice
Baron Axel won the fighting Bear Pit

Web Minister / Social Media: Kara is now officially the Webminister. Renewal for the website will be done soon. Seneschal approved reimbursement upon turning in the receipt.

Chatelaine: No demos are currently planned but she is working with CALS to have us out to do demos. The theme is “Imagine your story”(castles, knights, etc). We will rotate branches, if you’re interested in helping, please contact Rachel. They’re looking at live demos as well as story telling. It runs typically 30 minutes to 1 hour. They will contact us with the exact start date. Not present at meeting.

Constable – – A new constable is stepping up at this time and items are being turned over to him.

Quartermaster: Open position, please contact Exchequer to apply for this position. Occasional reporting to Barony.

Seneschal – We currently are in need of officers and deputies in almost every position, including mine. The SCA is a volunteer organization and everything is done by volunteers. But if we don’t have volunteers, we will die out. Please consider helping out the Barony. Many offices have very little paperwork or activity. If you don’t know what you would be interested in doing to help, feel free to contact us or the Baronage and ask how you can be of service to the Barony and Kingdom. We are considering videoing the meetings and inviting officers to make a video about what their duties entail so people can learn about the different jobs a position entails.

Address by Baron/Baroness: (Alex Hopper / Jac Cordray) TE are happy with the well deserved recognition at Fighter’s Collegium. Work continues for getting ready for Gulf Wars. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help on projects so everyone can enjoy their War.

Spring Coronation– Paypal cutoff has been requested to move from 3 weeks before the event to 2 weeks before the event. (Taken care of by Master Brendan) April 3-5. Master Fred is doing tokens with a $100 budget. Need baronial pavilion (preferably with walls) for meetings and the Queen’s Tea and a truck to haul (Baron Axel has agreed to haul and leave packed post Gulf Wars so there’s no need to load and unload twice). Need to schedule loading day. His Highness would like 2 tournaments (one heavy, one rapier) and Bronwyn will need to pack trenchers, probably 4-6 for the tea.

Diamond Wars– No news except needing approval on the new event bid submission. Paperwork completed after the meeting and a staff site visit is planned soon. May 1-3. Jon the Tall and John Bearkiller will be the marshals for the event. Tournament will be Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (female fighters only). Feast will be catered BBQ and is preregistered ONLY. A&S will be in the form of Artisan’s Row. Flyer is complete and ready for submission. Submitted 2-25-20

Gulf Wars: Their Excellencies will be coordinating camping for the event. Please contact them if you wish to camp in the Baronial campgrounds. March 14-22. Old Business : Brobearian Brawl – no additional old business

New Business : Discussion on Kingdom A&S. Discussion was had over concerns voiced by populace on the comments of the recent poll regarding a bid on another event. However, votes were in overwhelming favor of backing other State groups. We will discuss this further after Baron Soni has reached out to local groups to see who is interested. We will also discuss live streaming meetings next meeting, as well as recording officers describing what they do (along with autocrats, feastocrats, etc) to create a library and create interest in these positions and foster good feelings from the populace for stepping up. Also, we will discuss moving the time and location for the meetings, how often, etc.

Our next meeting is March 8th.