Candlelight Camp – Fighter Schedule

Saturday – May Fourth

9:00 am Armor Inspection

10:00 am Sabers and Blasters (Rapier) – Fighters may enter the field with a single sword and pistol.

11:00 am Duel of the Fates (Heavy 2v1) – Two Jedi Knights must take on a Sith Apprentice. Combat will be 1 on 1 for 60 seconds, then the second fighter may enter the fight.

12:00 pm RTOC – Standard RTOC. Best 2 of 3, Single Elimination

1:00 pm TOC – Standard Heavy TOC. Best 2 of 3, Single Elimination

2:00 pm Populace Lightsaber Duel – Open tourney to all members of the populace. Weapon will be provided.